Transforming Mac Management for International Bank

One of the largest banking institutions across the globe, which serves millions of customers, chose Viewdata to deploy, manage and support their growing fleet of Macs, for the past 18 years.

What the bank required

A Mac management solution that allows the bank to provide advanced digital banking solutions to customers, that adhere to FSA regulations. The required solution would assume control of authentication, administration and group policies. The bank also required the ability to streamline deployment, automate device configuration and be able to securely update, monitor and maintain devices remotely.

What Viewdata provides

Viewdata provides the bank with a secure and comprehensive solution combining Jamf Pro and Centrify. The solution centralises access management and policy enforcement utilising existing Active Directory infrastructure, whilst fulfilling FSA requirements. In conjunction,Viewdata provides full-time onsite IT consultancy to continually develop processes for current and future operating systems.

How the bank benefits

• Facilitates digital banking solutions for customers

• FSA compliancy • Secure endpoints • Complete visability of Apple IT estate

• IT reliability and efficiency

Having been developing apps and applets for iOS, Android and Facebook within a PC environment, it was recognised that Mac devices better suited the bank’s requirements.

After attempting to create their own Mac solution, the bank decided to outsource and employed a third- party Mac management solution. Unfortunately the solution lacked the required security and had no scope for compliance reporting, or the ability to update Mac devices remotely.

With the user-base continually expanding to over 1000 Mac devices, utilised for marketing and digital development of consumer and business platforms, the need for a managed Mac platform became business- critical.

Unifying Security

In today’s multifaceted IT landscape, the bank required a solution that reduced complexity, automated processes and monitored and controlled authentication,administration and group policies, without sacrificing the highest level of IT reliability and efficiency.

Viewdata implemented Jamf Pro, alongside Centrify Mac management solution to streamline the bank’s Apple device deployment, automate device configuration and patch policies, unify security and bring devices into compliance with FSA regulations, whilst providing complete visibility of the their Apple IT estate.

Securing endpoints wherever they are located

The interlinked solutions enable the bank to manage Macs much the same as their Windows devices, with existing Active Directory infrastructure and mobility capabilities. They can now monitor hardware and software distribution by user or device, and the custom- built patch policies provide automatic visibility of device compliance, ensuring devices are protected whenever and wherever they may be located.

Viewdata has worked diligently with the bank to close a number of security holes, allowing Macs to now be used by many of the Senior Executives.

Continued scalable support

Today, after 18 years of supporting the bank, Viewdata continues to provide full-time onsite IT consultancy, IT engineering; assisting with preventative maintenance, remedial repair, on-demand technical response, procurement, deployment and ‘business-as-usual’ updates, upgrades and annual development work forOS update cycles. Enabling the nancial institution toconsistently provide innovative banking solutions to their customers via mobile devices and the internet.

Discover more

To discover how Viewdata’s support services alongside Jamf and Centrify Mac Management solutions can benefit your Enterprise visit or call 020 8979 3000.

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