As an amatis Networks Reseller we have the experience and expertise to provide an unrivalled combination of data services and cloud solutions to respond to your business requirements, offering a safe, smart and simple way to transform your business - ensuring reliability, security and increased resilience.


Our agile solutions offer businesses the flexibility to adopt co-location, managed hosting, private or public cloud services.

Flexible cloud solutions

Our cloud-based solutions are policy driven ensuring appropriate security procedures and standards are applied and integrity of configuration and performance across the estate. Ranging from cloud servers and virtual data centres to virtualised storage platforms and services all hosted in amatis data centres in the UK.

Secure and resilient hosting

amatis has over 5,000 sq. feet of data centre real estate in the UK, in their privately owned facilities, offering a range of co-location options.The multiple data centres and managed IT solutions offer you the ability to increase resilience if you choose to use more than one data centre for your hosting requirements.

High speed connectivity

amatis provide a reliable, high-speed connectivity to business premises, delivering an unrivalled level of service, on amatis’ own private network. Using the state of the art, carrier agnostic network, businesses can utilise ADSL, GEA, EFM or Ethernet circuits for last mile delivery. All these connected over the native IPv6, MPLS enabled network direct to the UK based data centres to create your own private, secure and dedicated network.

Secure 4G solution

4G enables businesses to rapidly connect with solutions that can be delivered and configured within days or even hours rather than the weeks and months required for fixed-line connectivity. You can automatically fail over your site connectivity to 4G when your primary circuit fails, keeping your business functioning and only paying for the fall-back connection when you need it.


Reliable hosting solutions to suit your business

Secure and compliant 

Increase resilience 

Private, secure and dedicated network if required

High speed connectivity

Streamline operations

Improve productivity

Flexible data and cloud solutions


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